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        MY  given name is Pamela Altea Porchetta. I was born on

April 16th 1964 in a small town in Scotland called Dunoon.

I am the youngest of four and was raised by my dad until his passing in 1977. I then moved to the states to live with my mom and stepdad. I am married with 5 children (all boys) and 4 grandchildren... and I am living the dream.

I started singing when I was very young but only professionally for about 20 years now, I love meeting new people and keeping busy. love singing ballads by Norah Jones and Diana Krall but also of the music from the disco era. I'm hoping to be able to sing for as long as possible. I am very happy to be singing with my friends Tony David & Kerry Edwards, we are a fantastic trio and we have a great following.Thank you to everyone who has supported me through the years.

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